February 12, 2007

Good Morning Merry Sunshine!

Since the girls have moved to their "big girl room," most mornings the one who wakes up first goes and wakes the other and by the time I hear them they're usually both sitting on one bed happily singing.

This moring, at 4:30 a.m., I heard Michal belting out "The Wheels on the Bus." I went to find out what was going on and there she was, perched on Kenna's bed, singing at the top of her lungs! And Kenna? She was sound asleep and oblivous to the concert going on around her. The funniest part was when I got to the door Michal said, "London Bridge" and then launched into a her newly-chosen song. I guess she kept hoping Kenna was going to wake up and join in so she wanted to make sure she knew what song was coming next.

Thankfully, Michal went back to sleep after her early morning performance and Kenna never woke up.

The pictures below were not taken at 4:30 in the morning!

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