February 18, 2007

Gimme an "i" Part 2

This is the second part of the Family Foto Fun "challenge" that is put out each Friday by Donna at Double Happiness. This week she asked each participant to use the same letter from last week but list what they don't like instead of what they do like, and to include a photo to accompany each item.

So, here it goes, ten things I don't like that begin with the letter "i."

1. Insects

I really, really don’t like bugs. The funny thing is that I have three nephews, who I adore, who love bugs. They spent three weeks with us right before we traveled to China. While they were here, my middle nephew asked, ever so politely, if we could please get a boy instead of two girls. I told him that Michal and Kenna were already ours and then I asked him why he thought we should have a boy instead. He told me that he didn’t want cousins that didn’t like bugs. I told him that lots of girls like bugs. He thought for a minute and then said, “But Aunt Kristi, YOU don’t like bugs at all.” Hmmm. Point well taken. So I told him, “I’ll make you a deal. I will be extra careful to not say anything negative about a bug to your cousins and you can teach them how to find and catch bugs when they’re old enough.”

It’s a promise I’ve kept. Very reluctantly.

2. Indian food – I’m a fairly adventurous eater but I just don’t care for Indian food. I love Thai food, Chinese food and most spicy food but just not Indian food.

3. Iraqi War

No political statement here. War is bad. Peace is good. Our service men and women home with their families and the Iraqi people living in their country without fear and violence. Both very good.

4. IVs – or shots, or just about anything that has to do with a doctor. And no one warned me that kids go to the doctor ALL THE TIME. I’m almost getting used to it.

5. Improper grammar – my undergraduate degree is in English and one of my first jobs was as a proofreader. Proofing as I read – and I mean anything – is really a hard habit to break. I proofread all the time. I even once received a letter from a large, shall-remain-nameless, company that was so poorly written that I sent it back marked up in red pen.

6. Injuries – it breaks my heart when one of the girls gets hurt. Our worst injury was when Kenna put her teeth through her bottom lip and needed stitches. This was the end of naps in our house since she injured herself while jumping in her crib during naptime. I’d been trying for a couple weeks to save naptime but the girls simply had other ideas . . .

7. Ibsen – I love to read and for years I’ve felt like I really should like the works of Henrik Ibsen but if I’m honest, I just don’t. I had a class in college where we spent weeks studying “A Doll’s House” and although I deeply appreciate that Ibsen was speaking out on behalf of women at a time when women had no voice, his work just feels dreary to me. (By the way, the highlight of that class was when Kate Mulgrew -- Captain Janeway to any Star Trek fans -- came to our class because she was at that time playing Nora, the lead in the play, at a local theatre.)

8. IHOP – I love pancakes, good pancakes, and there is no more disappointing moment than ordering pancakes at IHOP and realizing that they just don’t make good pancakes there. Now in fairness I haven’t been to IHOP in years but am pretty sure I still wouldn’t like it.

9. Insincerity -- This one needs no explanation.

10. iPhoto – iPhoto, the photo management system for the Mac, and I have a love-hate relationship. I love it, until it fails me once again, and sends me off to the Apple store to see a Mac Genius – how’s that for a job title – to beg him to fix iPhoto and save my photos.

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