February 5, 2007

Deep Freeze. Dangerously Low Temperatures. Artic Blast. Record Low. Oh my gosh it's cold.

It is bitterly cold here. See the dark purple part of the map at the bottom of Lake Michigan? The part where it says -7. Well yeah, that would be us. And this is a real -7, not a trumped-up temperature with wind chill calculations (which would get us to -28, just in case you're interested.)

We're breaking all kinds of records -- and not the good kind either. My one hope rests on the shoulders of a little groundhog in Pennsylvania who didn't see his shadow on Groundhog Day and is prediciting an early Spring. Oh Punxstawney Phil, how I hope you and your shadow are right!

Our own little groundhog, Michal, in the photo below.

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