January 18, 2007

Winter's back. Bummer.

We have been enjoying 50-degree weather for weeks now. We haven't had a speck of snow since the very beginning of December. It's been so mild outside that I'd actually convinced myself that we somehow had escaped winter entirely. I've been secretly cheering for global warming and feeling rather smug that Chicago winters really aren't much of anything after all.

So much for my smugness.

Winter is back and it's cold and there's snow on the ground again and it's generally very Winter-like outside. It's not that I mind the cold or even the snow. What I mind is how much work it is!

"Come here so I can put on your coat."

"OK. Let me zip it up."

"Now you need your mittens."

"Honey, you have to keep your mittens on your hands or they'll get cold."

"Now let's put on your hat."

"Honey, I really need you to leave those mittens on while I put on your sister's coat."

"Please don't unzip your coat. It's cold outside."

"I know you're hot right now but really, it's cold outside."

"Now wait just a minute while Mommy gets her coat."

"Oh honey, please leave on those mittens . . ."

But wait. That's just the beginning. Then we get to the store, or wherever we're going, and they have the heat on high so off comes the coat, off comes the hat and off come the mittens . . . it's a never-ending cycle of dressing and undressing . . . two three-year olds!

In the last two pictures the girls are doing "snow ballet." I guess we could call it Frozen Swan Lake.

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