January 17, 2007

Meet Curious George

I've learned that the affections of a newly-three-year old are fleeting when it comes to stuffed friends. Michal has pushed her beloved Bingo Dog aside for a small brown monkey she has christened "Curious George." George actually arrived in the top of Kenna's Christmas stocking but was quickly taken by Michal. She fell for him fast and hard and now drags him everywhere with her. And I do mean everywhere.

Before I had children, and thought I knew all kinds of things about being a mom, I swore I would never have one of those kids who toted a well-loved stuffed animal around with them. (Come to think of it, there were lots of things I swore my kids would never do and somehow they end up doing them all anyway.)

Michal's relationship with Curious George is much different than her relationship with Bingo. Bingo was a bedtime dog. He slept with Michal and occassionally made his way down for breakfast but never, ever left the house. Curious George is a bedtime monkey . . . and a breakfast monkey and a we're-leaving-the-house monkey. Curious George has been with us to the doctor's office, to Target, to the grocery store. Curious George has been down the slide, he's fallen in the snow and he's waited patiently in Michal's car seat when I wouldn't let her take him to preschool.

I'm sure Curious George is going to disintegrate soon since I am washing him almost daily to get the doctor's office floor germs, the grocery cart germs and the dirt from the slide off of him. I've since purchased two more Curious Georges since I'm sure we're going to lose one -- plus I needed to replace Kenna's since George did originally belong to her. Michal has added two "little" Curious Georges from the Target $1 section to her Curious George collection and now carries a "big" and a "little" Curious George around with her. (Try keeping tracking of a 3.5" high stuffed monkey!)

Bingo still sleeps with Michal but has lost his place of honor tucked safely under her arm. That place is now reserved for George. Bingo doesn't seem too upset by this turn of events though. He still has a goofy smile on his face as if he knows he'll always have a special place in Michal's heart even if he doesn't get to ride along with her in the shopping cart.

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