December 1, 2006

What a difference a day makes!

Our no-jacket-required weather has come to an abrupt end! It snowed for almost 12 hours straight. I think we got six to eight inches of snow -- enough to close the schools today. Our local weather people called it a "winter wallop" and pointed out that you now have to add three days' temperature together just to get back to the 60s we've been having for the past week.

The girls were both glued to the windows this morning watching Eric snow blow the driveway. As soon as it stopped snowing I bundled them up in hats, coats, mittens, snow pants and boots and took them outside. I think we lasted exactly 10 minutes before they were done and ready to come back inside and take off their hats, coats, mittens, snow pants and boots.

OK, the snow is pretty but darn it's cold outside. Is it too early to be ready for Spring?

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