December 13, 2006

Oh Christmas Tree!

Buying, setting up and decorating the Christmas tree has been a multiple-day process. The girls have loved "helping" every step of the way.

We all went to buy the tree and it was warm outside so there was no bundling up required! After we got it home and Eric got it in the stand, the girls helped me put on the lights -- it was actually climbing on the ladder that they liked -- and Kenna immediately started decorating the tree with the plastic mesh that had been wrapped around the tree to bring it home. (She was not very pleased when I took her carefully-chosen decoration back off the tree.)

They helped me put on some of the ornaments but it dawned on me, as I unpacked the Christmas boxes, that my ornaments are not very child-safe. I don't really mind if the girls break something in the name of helping but I sure don't want them to get hurt. So, they helped me with the non breakable ones only!

They love to stand and look at their "big tree" (this is in relation to the "Michal and Kenna tree" that sits on the kitchen counter) -- especially at night.
The last picture is of Kenna's Christmas tree art. I thought it was so cute!

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