December 11, 2006


Michal is a child who lives out loud. She usually skips, gallops or hops almost anywhere she goes. She often tells us that she's "dancing and eating" during mealtimes and she loves to jump off the bottom stair and shout, "hurray."

She is our chatterbox and she loves adjectives. She usually asks me for a cup of "cold, white milk" or will tell me that we're walking to our "big, black car" -- actually a minivan in case you're picturing that we drive a limosine.

She is also our oh-so-focused child. She can attend to a task for an uncanny amount of time. She will get a new puzzle or game and will sit and play with it until she figures it out and, only then, will be content to walk away from it.

She is also artistic, which makes my heart sing, and loves to draw, paint, play with Play Doh, glue and cut anything she can find if left alone with a pair of scissors. (That last part, about the cutting, doesn't make my heart sing though.)

She is definitely a girly girl and firmly believes a pink tutu, sunglasses or a crown make any outfit look better -- and who can really argue with that. She happily clomps around in my shoes and loves to put on lip gloss. Her prized possession is her stuffed dog Bingo, who she recently informed me is a girl after I referred to her as "him."

She loves to cuddle and likes to do what she calls, "cheek smoosh." This is when she puts her cheek against mine and smooshes our faces together. She is especially cuddly when she first wakes up in the morning. This is also when she insists on being carried everywhere she goes. It takes her a good hour before she wants to be put down. We jokingly call her "Princess My-Feet-Can't-Touch-the-Floor."

I find myself laughing out loud at her antics and continually amazed at the things she does. There is not a single day goes by that I'm not incredibly thankful to be her mom.

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