December 21, 2006

The Michal and Kenna Tree

I finished the girls' tree just a few days before Christmas. I had intended to get it done sooner but what is it they say about the best layed plans?

I made little nests and eggs to go with the infamous red birds and also made some "K" and "M" ornaments for the tree. (The girls love the book "Chicka Chicka ABC" where the letters are all climbing up a coconut tree. They thought it was funny that letters climbed up their Christmas tree too!) Then the girls painted canvas and I cut it into little bird ornaments. The painted birds are my favorite part of the tree!

Underneath the tree is an army of carved santas that were all made by Cliff Reeder, a dear family friend. His wife and my grandmother were best friends for more than 75 years! They even lived on the same street almost their entire lives.

I hope we'll keep adding to the tree through the years. It will be fun to see how their handmade ornaments change through the year!

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