December 25, 2006

Celebrating Christmas at Grandma Jan and Papa's House

We spent Christmas day with my parents.

This year was vastly different than last year. The girls really got that the presents were for them and that wrapped gifts contain really great things! My parents had labeled the girls' presents with their names on big labels so the girls knew which presents belonged to them. They were so cute finding their gifts, opening them and "oohing" and "aahing" as they did.

My parents gave them both red, sparkly "Dorothy" shoes, a train set and a car set -- among other things. It was funny because when I had earlier asked Kenna what she wanted for Christmas she told me, "a car." When I then asked her what else she wanted she answered, "another car?" My mom didn't even know that but made her very happy with a car set!

The girls definitely didn't understand that they were supposed to open all their gifts first and then play with them. Instead, they would open something and then want to stop and play with it. It definitely made Christmas morning last longer!

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