November 11, 2006

Project "Big Girl Room" Has Begun

As much as I hate the thought that it's time to move the girls out of their cribs, it's clear that they are "so done" with them. I think they now only consider them mini trampolines with convenient side rails to hold onto while doing spread jumps.

Neither one has climbed out of her crib yet but they both stand on one foot with the other foot slung over the side and proudly announce to me, "climb out Mommy." To which I tell them, in my best this-is-your-mother-speaking-voice, "no climbing out of your crib."

So, we took the girls "Big Girl Bed Shopping" to buy mattresses. I keep telling myself if I make a really big deal out of the whole process, they'll be excited about the transition. Cross your fingers that I'm at least a little right.

We walked into the store and started talking to a salesman. Kenna heard the phone ring and decided she'd help out by answering it for him. I think this guy already thought we were a little wacky since I was taking pictures in the store. (Interestingly, he never actually did ask why I was taking pictures...) I can only guess that the vast majority of people don't photograph their mattress-buying experience.

Well, after trying out a bunch of beds, we settled on a "kids" model, which means it has a water-resistant protectant on the fabric, set up the delivery and headed out to lunch. The girls proudly said, "big girl beds" the rest of the day. Let's hope that enthusiasm carries through to actually sleeping in those "big girl beds!"

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