November 17, 2006


Kenna is a child in motion. She dances whenever she hears music because, well, isn't that what you're supposed to do when you hear music? She is the first to find a wide-open space and run. This includes our backyard, the park and the wide aisle through the China Department at Macy's that has the display of beautifully-lit trees at one end. I guess you really can't blame a girl for wanting to see those trees up close and, more importantly, for wanting to get there quickly!

She is our musical child. She sings and dances all the time and she truly believes she can play the piano and happily stands at her keyboard plinking out "songs" while singing "Happy Birthday" or "I Love You" from Barney. She recently discovered my recorder -- from the third grade -- and happily toots away on it.

She thinks a pink tutu, sunglasses or a feathery crown make any outfit look better. She is not a true girly-girl though. She has adamantly refused the pink toenail polish -- that her sister adores -- each and every time I have offered it to her.

She is a love bug and often says, "hug" and "kiss" to us or Michal and gets really upset if Michal isn't in the mood to hug and kiss her back. She will often hold my hand or softly place her hand on my leg, and just rest it there, for absolutely no reason at all.

She loves numbers and letters and thinks she can read. On Halloween I had on a t-shirt from Old Navy that had three pumpkins on it. She proudly said O-L-D N-A-V-Y and then said, "pumpkins!" (Michal later "read" the same t-shirt and said, "Mommy.")

Kenna is also a bit mischevious. She is our climber and urges her sister to join her in her climbing advenutres. She tries hard to pick a moment when I'm not watching so she can climb on the table. She is the reason our dining room chairs are now tied together with fishing line so they can't be pulled out. I guess it's the lure of the chandelier -- or maybe just the lure of the conquest -- that spurs her on!

She has the sweetest laugh and an absolutely-infectious giggle.

She is smart and beautiful and not a minute goes by that I'm not incredibly grateful that I'm her mother.

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