November 4, 2006

Grandma Marilyn Comes to Visit

Eric's mom, Grandma Marilyn, came to visit for five days. The girls immediately started calling her Grandma and quickly figured out how to say Grandma Marilyn. When they say it, it actually sounds more like Grandma Erin, which is terribly cute!

While she was here, she made us three beautiful stained glass windows for the transom between the Family Room and the porch. She shipped all her equipment to our house ahead of time; we made three trips to glass stores for supplies and she stayed up long after the rest of us went to bed in order to get them finished before she went back home. They're amazing and we're thrilled she made them for us!

We did let her have some fun while she was here too! The pictures below are from a visit to the children's museum -- Michal has in blue bows and Kenna has in green -- and an afternoon outside shopping -- Michal has on striped tights and Kenna has on polka dot tights.

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