November 25, 2006

Can you believe this is Chicago in late November?

This has been the most beautiful Thanksgiving weekend! It's been in the 60s with clear, blue skies. Since they're telling us that we should expect SNOW on Thursday, we've really appreciated this unseasonably warm weather.

We set up the yard tree -- a community tradition that I just love -- and hung greenery outside today. It felt very funny to do anything Christmas-y since it was so warm. Last year I had to bring my outside urns inside for two days just to let them defrost so I could put greenery in them. That sure wasn't a problem this year.

The girls played out front while we decorated and thought it was downright hilarious to play "Ring Around the Rosie" around the Christmas tree in the yard. They ran and laughed and said, "Rosie! Rosie!". . . again and again and again! They were especially excited when Grace came over to join in their fun.

(Kenna is wearing the striped sweater and Michal has on the flowered top.)

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