October 9, 2006

Happy Moon Festival!

We celebrated the Moon Festival today at the girls' preschool. I bought a paper lantern for each child in the class and also brought the book "Round Like a Mooncake" to read to them.

As an aside, if you've never read the book, it's a really wonderful shape book that uses many Chinese American things as illustrations for shapes. The book begins, "Round is mooncake. Round is the moon. Round are the lanterns outside my room." It continues that way with things that are round, then things that are square, etc. It's by Grace Lin and is one of the girls' favorites!

I also brought some of the things the book talks about -- a tea cup, a red lucky money envelope, a chop -- so the kids could see and hold the things from the book.

Despite my efforts, I am absolutely sure not a single child in the class -- including Michal and Kenna -- has a clue what the Moon Festival is. But heck, they absolutely loved marching around the room carrying their lanterns!

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