October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

On Sunday, we went to a Children's Pumpkin Patch party. When I started to put on the girls' costumes before we left, Michal announced, "Michal ladybug and Kenna butterfly." Kenna agreed, "Kenna butterfly." So, I guess they had discussed swapping costumes and were just letting me know!

Three other families joined us for the party and our group included eight little girls under the age of six. Outside all the girls picked pumpkins, petted sheep and goats and jumped in the moon jump. We then headed inside, and after eating, they danced their little hearts out on the dance floor that was set up just for kids with a DJ, disco lighting and great dance music.

It was absolutely priceless to see the girls throwing their hands in the air, turning in circles, wearing glow-in-the-dark necklaces and having an amazingly good time. Kate, the four-year old in the bunch, pushed her way to the front and took charge of that dance floor. She was smaller than almost everyone around her but danced her little heart out!

The picture of Kenna dancing below is blurry and dark -- the dance floor had appropriate dance-floor lighting -- but I thought it was so funny that I included it.

Michal and Kenna stuck with their "costume swap" on Halloween and Michal was again the ladybug and Kenna was the butterfly. We trick-or-treated on our street and they were both great at saying "Trick or Treat" and "thank you" -- it was just sometimes before the door opened or after the door closed. Kenna didn't understand why we weren't going inside the houses and tried each and every time to make her way inside. I guess that makes sense. Why would you go and ring someone's doorbell if you didn't intend to go in and visit? She is my little social butterfly! I guess the girls knew what they were doing when they swapped costumes.

After 10 or so houses, their little cheeks were frozen so we ended the evening at our across-the-street neighbors, where we did go in and let them run around for a little while.

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