October 25, 2006

Do racoons go trick or treating?

My car has remote-open doors. You simply press a button on the key chain and through the marvels of technology they open all by themselves. I love this feature since most of the time my hands are full of babies or "stuff" when I'm heading to the car.

Michal and Kenna love anything that has a button you can push. This includes my key chain and the button that opens the doors.

So, Michal or Kenna regularly seek out and find my keys in my bag. And then one of them happily pushes the button until I catch her and take the keys away.

You may see where this is going.

This morning we went outside to leave and the doors on both sides of the car were open -- and had been open all night long. As I got closer to the car I noticed that there was a ripped plastic bag laying on the ground beside my car. Seemed a little odd but nothing to be too concerned about.

When I got to the car I saw little muddy footprints on my seat. Then I saw little muddy footprints on the floor and on the steering wheel and on every other visible surface. The bag that was outside the car was formerly inside the car and had three bags of Halloween candy in it that hadn't been brought inside yet. A racoon -- or a racoon gang -- had somehow noticed the open doors, had climbed on inside and had gotten in the bag. They then proceeded to open up the zillion little bags of Skittles inside it. I guess they weren't big fans of Skittles so they partially chewed them and then spit them all over my car! I can only assume they were hoping to find better Halloween candy when they went through the entire car putting their muddy little feet just about any place they could find to walk or touch.

Eric is convinced that they will now come back every night, with their friends, in hope of finding more snacks inside. I keep laughing as I imagine a raccoon telling his friends, "Really. I found this place and the doors were open and there was this huge bag and inside it were more bags and inside that were these little colored things. And it's kind of warm in there and there's nice soft seats to sit on . . ." He's probably now known as "that crazy raccoon" in the neighborhood. Just think if Eric had bought Snickers instead of Skittles!

By the way, My keys now hang in the pantry.

Below are the little button-pushers in their Halloween finery.

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