September 15, 2006

The Circus Came to Town

The girls and I went to see a little traveling circus this afternoon. It was literally under a big top -- erected earlier in the day by elephants.

Outside of the tent you could look at the animals in makeshift corrals. The girls liked the elephants but didn't seem particularly impressed that these huge animals were in fact standing on the Junior High School field.

Once inside the tent, there was just one ring so we could really see what was going on. The girls lasted a little over an hour -- almost the whole show -- before they decided they'd had enough circus for one day.

During the time we were there we saw clowns, jugglers, costumed perfomers, people jumping and spinning in rotating metal rings, a trapeze act, a sequin-clad lady spinning from a rope and an elaborately-dressed woman directing a camel, a llama, a horse, a pony and a dog to run around the ring and stand on little stools. Given all that glitz and glamour what do you think the liked the most? Something that has absolutely nothing to do with what went on during the circus. The highlight for them was the "spinning star lights" we bought on our way out of the circus. Go figure.

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