September 30, 2006

The Block Party

Our neighborhood block party was today.

The festivities started with the ever-popular "Parade of Bikes." This is when the kids all line up their tricycles, bicycles and scooters -- some decorated for the occassion -- and ride down the street while the mom and dads watch. Now if you're in the over-six set, "parade" means "race-to-the-end-of-the-street-as-fast-as-you-can-since-it's-blocked-off-and-you-won't-get-hit-by-a -car!" If you're Michal and Kenna "parade" means that you try your best to pedal your tricycle all by yourself while your mom tries to sneak in a few pushes so you make it at least part of the way down the street in less than 15 minutes.

Over and over people kept telling me how grown up the girls look. The photo below is from last year's Block Party and looking at it now I have to admit that the girls do look like babies in the picture. I know they've grown but boy, they really do look like big girls when you compare the two pictures!

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