August 4, 2006

Playing outside.

After what feels like weeks and weeks of scorching temperatures, the weather today was beautiful! The girls were so excited to be able to play outside. (OK, it has only been in the 90s but when you add in the humidity it's been well over 100. I use to scoff at the "heat index" but now I'm a believer!)

Michal and Kenna really get funnier and funnier every day. Eric and I have always called Kenna "Kenna Bug." In the past few days every time I say "Kenna Bug" Michal pipes up and adds "Call Call Bug." Then today she called me "Mommy Bug" and went on to identify everything she could think of as "Car Bug," "Swing Bug," "House Bug," "Tree Bug . . ." She then giggled and giggled.

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