August 7, 2006

Is that a goat on the roof?

Yes! It's actually a whole herd of goats.

There is a Swedish restaurant that has a grass roof and a herd of goats to "mow" it. We ate dinner there and I asked the waitress if the goats ever fall off the roof. She said they do, but very rarely.

I have to admit that there is something a tad unsettling about looking out the window while you're eating and seeing a goat looking off the roof at you.

The girls are all about steps and escalators these days. If they see either they'll loudly yell, "steps" and want to go up and down and up and down. This is a great thing if you don't have anywhere to be or simply want to kill a little time. This however is a terrible thing if you need to be somewhere and are trying to hurry and they are insisting that they absoulutely have to climb up and down the stairs or they simply might explode!

Luckily on vacation they could climb stairs to their heart's content.

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