July 11, 2006


One year ago Eric and I got on a bus and drove to the Guangzhou Civil Affairs Office to meet our daughters for the first time. We walked into the building as a couple and walked out as a family of four.

It seems unbelievable that it's already been a year! The girls have grown -- nearly four inches each! -- and changed and have made our lives fuller and richer just by being in them.

Eric was traveling on July 11th so we celebrated a few days later instead. We took the girls to the Choo Choo restaurant. It's a little diner that delivers the food on a model train. It was built in the 40s and is an institution of sorts.

Kind of an an interesting aside . . . the Choo Choo was also already a thriving restaurant when Ray Kroc came in to tell the owner that he was opening a little hamburger stand down the street, but not to worry because his hamburger stand wouldn't have any seating so it wouldn't take any business away from the Choo Choo. That little stand was called McDonald's.

The girls had a great time at the Choo Choo. They loved the little train ride that sits on one side of the restaurant. It basically just jerks you back and forth but they thought that it had to be just the funniest thing they'd even done. They also loved every time the train came by with food.

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