July 14, 2006

About the Guest Book

Over the past several months spammers have infiltrated my guest book and polluted it with links to whatever product or service they happen to be selling. It started out that I'd get one or two unwanted entries in a week and I am now deleting 30 to 40 unwanted messages each and every day. Most of these messages are promoting some sort of prescription medication but lately, some have contained links to highly-objectionable content.

I do my very best to get these deleted quickly but there are times when I can't get to them and they end up staying in the Guest Book for a couple days. Please know that I absolutely do not in any way approve of what is being left by these people. I have talked to my web host repeatedly about additional security measures but these people use moving ip addresses which makes it nearly impossible to block their messages. My web host is not willing to add other security features at this time.

So, I am going to move to a new web host. This will take some time because I will need to rebuild most of the content. Until then please, please, please do not click on any of the links they leave. Clicking on them identifies me as a good place to find customers and just encourages them to leave more unwanted messages.

Thanks for your patience as I move the site.

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