June 24, 2006


We spent the weekend in Salt Lake visiting Eric's grandmother. We also spent some time with one of Eric's brothers and his family and got to see his sister and two of our nephews as well.

Eric's brother Brent has two kids -- a boy and a girl. Their daughter is a couple years older than our girls and, in their eyes, an official "big girl" making her worthy of their total adoration. Their son is just a little younger than Michal and Kenna -- and all boy! This means he is completely fearless, jumps, climbs and is really fun to try to copy if you're Michal and Kenna. This includes jumping off the stairs like he does and flying like Superman onto the bean bag chairs like he does.

The four of them played really well together and they all loved jumping on the trampoline. It was so funny -- and a smidge nerve-wracking -- to watch them bumping around like popcorn in a popcorn popper.

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