May 28, 2006

The Hugging Girls

We drove up to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin for the day today. It was really hot -- in the 90s -- when we left and I assumed it would be cooler in Wisconsin by the lake . . . nope! It was miserably hot and humid there too. We walked around -- with throngs of other Memorial Day visitors -- and kept ducking into air conditioned stores.

It was still hot when we got home but it cooled off a little later in the day and the girls were able to go outside and play in the yard. They've started hugging each other all the time and it's so funny because they both say, "hug" as they hug and then clap and yell, "yeah" when they're done. Michal also wants to kiss Kenna all the time but when she goes in for the kiss Kenna puts up her hand because she wants her to kiss her hand instead. They've also started calling each other by name most of the time and it comes out "Call Call" and "Kenda."

It's interesting that they can't always tell who's who in a photo and the other day Kenna was looking in a mirrored coffee table and would point to herself and say "Kenda" and then point to the reflection in the table and say "Call Call." I guess when you spend all day looking at someone who looks like you, you'd expect that it's the same thing when you look in a mirror.

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