May 23, 2006

Happy Referral Day!

One year ago today we received the phone call that literally changed our lives!

It was Monday and I had heard that referrals were supposed to be coming. I got on my computer first thing in the morning to check and see if anyone had received a referral yet. At about 8:30 a.m. the first person, somewhere on the East Coast, posted that they had gotten their referral. I still wasn't sure what dates China had sent or if my log-in date would be included. I held out until about 10:00 a.m. before e-mailing my agency and asking if they'd received referrals and if they included my group. An e-mail came back that simply said, "Stay by your phone."

So stay by my phone I did. And at 11:30 a.m. it finally rang. It was Sherry from Harrah's and she started by asking me a question. "Did you buy one crib or two?" My heart leapt. I tentatively told her, "one." She then continued, "Then you better buy another one." My head was swimming at this point and I asked, "Sherry, is it twins?" She nearly yelled, "Yes! And they're beautiful!" She then started giving me all of the information. Their names. Where they were living. Their birthdate. I had a neatly typed sheet of paper in front of me with all the questions I was going to ask her. When I finally hung up the phone to call Eric the paper was entirely blank.

It was several hours before Eric got home and we looked at their pictures together. (And yes, I really did wait until her got home to look!) There is nothing to describe opening an e-mail and seeing two absolutely beautiful little girls looking back at you and knowing that they're half a world away just waiting for you to come and get them.

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