April 6, 2006

Welcome Home Sophie!

We had the privilege of meeting Stacy and her new daughter, Sophie, at the airport today.

While we waited, the girls happily read books in their stroller, played with the balloons that were brought for Stacy and Sophie -- and Michal ate a whole bag of freeze-dried bananas and strawberries. But, when Stacy and Sophie got stuck coming through Customs and still weren't out an hour and a half after their plane landed, they decided they were done. You can see just how thrilled they look in the last photo!

Sophie is simply adorable! And boy did she have an enthusiastic welcome home from her grandparents, aunts and uncles and lots and lots of little girl -- and a couple boy -- cousins -- not to mention other friends all excited to meet her.

The next day both Michal and Kenna were saying "baby" over and over again. I think it's because I kept telling them, "Baby Sophie is coming any minute!"

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