April 2, 2006

My Grandmother's House

We spent the weekend in Ohio visiting my parents. They -- along with my aunt and uncle -- are getting my grandmother's house ready to sell. It's taken quite a bit of work to clean out the home that she lived in for almost 70 years. She was amazingly organized and had Post-it notes on many things telling who they originally belonged to or where they came from but she was also a child of the Depression and truly never threw things away! This means there was a lot of well-labeled stuff to sort through.

My mom pointed out that Michal and Kenna probably think she and my dad live in that house, which they probably do. We haven't yet made the trip to Arizona so the girls have only seen my parents at my grandmother's or at our house. Kind of a funny thought!

The girls had a ball running around in the nearly-empty house, climbing on radiators and trying to sneak past us to climb the nearly-vertical stairs. They also did a good job of navigating the somewhat uneven and soggy yard to get to the daffodils or, in Kenna's case, any stick she could find. The highlight for them though was when they found a wind chime on the back porch and the dogs in the yard next door.

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