April 29, 2006

Hop, Skip and Jump!

The girls just started a Saturday morning toddler gymnastics class. In this case, "gymnastics" means hop down the trampoline like a bunny, walk on the balance beam while mommy or daddy hold your hand, crawl like a bear on the mats and then run as fast as you can and smack into the wall -- believe it or not the smacking part is part of the directions from the teacher. Now, I'd like go on record as saying that I'm not too sure about the wisdom of teaching a group of two-year olds to run and throw themselves against a wall -- even if it is padded.

The girls loved the class, especially the trampoline. Michal yelled, "hop, hop, hop" the entire time she bounced on it and would take one giant hop at the end and throw herself on the pad. It was really very funny!

In the photo to the left Kenna is just about to the mat at the end of the trampoline and Michal is in the foreground of the photo. The three photos after that are of Michal and the final two, on the balance beam, are of Kenna.

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