April 21, 2006

Elephants and Tricycles

It's really fun to take the girls to the zoo now because they pay much more attention to the animals. Both of them love elephants and the zoo has an old fashioned "elephant house" where you are able to get really close to the animals. (Unfortunately, this also means you can smell them up close as well...)

The huge elephant below was as fascinated with the girls as they were with him. He stood and stared right at them while they both did the sign for "elephant." (That's what they're both doing in the photo below.)

Our day at the zoo was cut short when some "mystery insect" stung me twice on my wrist and it started swelling and turning red -- my wrist, not the insect. I decided if I was going to blow up like Veruka Salt in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I should probably do it in the privacy of my own home. (You'll be happy to know that the swelling did go down after a couple hours and I'm as good as new!)

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