April 15, 2006

Easter Egg Hunting Round Two

Today we went to our second Easter egg hunt.

Despite our best efforts-- and armed with our newly-aquired knowledge that Easter egg hunts begin and end within a matter of minutes -- we still arrived literally moments before the hunt began.

The park where the hunt was held had been divided into age categories and there were a zillion people all lined up along the edges of the marked areas. We stepped onto the grass in time to hear them announce, "OK, zero to two year olds go." Eric picked up Kenna and I picked up Michal. We plunked each of them down next to some eggs. There were so many kids -- each accompanied by an assisting adult -- that there was absolutely no "hunting" involved. Instead, the girls picked up the eggs right by their feet and that was it. The whole thing was over in less than three minutes -- literally.

A big thank you to Grandma Jan for the perfect easter-egg-hunting (or easter-egg-picking-up-from-around-your-feet) overalls!

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