March 1, 2006

Happy National Pig Day

Who knew that March 1 was National Pig Day? I certainly didn't until our zoo proudly proclaimed that they'd be celebrating this all-important holiday which honors "one of the most intelligent of the barnyard animals!" Just in case you're wondering, National Pig Day was first conceived in 1972 by two sisters, Ellen Stanley of Lubbock, Texas, and Mary Lynne Rave of Beaufort, North Carolina. The day has grown to become a celebration of and appreciation for the pig’s best qualities and attributes. I'm not sure exactly sure what those qualities are but I guess they're worth celebrating.

So, the girls and I went to the zoo today to take part in all the piggy festivities. They both made -- sort of -- pig ear headbands and Michal left hers on for most of the time we were at the zoo.

I was the joy-kill mom who wouldn't let them go in the play-in-the-mud section though. (Yes! They were literally letting kids play in trays of mud!) I figured we could honor our pink-snouted friends without actually acting like them.

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