March 19, 2006

Barney Live!

There are a few things that I said I'd never do as a parent. One of those things, somewhere near the top of the list, was let my kids watch Barney. Now I know Barney is educational and entertaining -- if you're two -- but it is just so darn hard to watch if you don't happen to be, well, a toddler. So, when we had been home only a couple weeks and a neighbor gave me a Barney DVD for the girls, I politely thanked her and stuck it aside while smugly thinking to myself that my girls would never watch it. Oh how wrong I was! I'm not even exactly sure how the DVD made its way into the DVD player, but it did. And, to my dismay, the girls liked it.

Now my girls don't love Barney -- they LOVE the Wiggles -- but they do like him, especially when he sings. So we went to see him live and in person and I will admit it was a well-done, pretty cute show.

The last picture is Eric and Kenna drawing during intermission.

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