February 18, 2006

The Bang Incident

We took the girls to get their first "real" haircut today. Before we went, I told Eric that I absolutely, positively did not want the girls to have bangs.

So when we arrived at the salon I sat down in the stylist's chair, plopped Kenna on my lap, gave her "O" Magazine to read, and then told the stylist that I just wanted Kenna's hair cleaned up a little so it wouldn't look so shaggy. The stylist took one look at Kenna's hair and said, "she needs bangs." So, what did I say in response? "Do you think so?" All my anti-bang conviction just went flying out the window and before I could say anything else, pieces of hair were falling on the pages of Kenna's magazine.

So the girls now have what I'm calling "transitional bangs." They keep their hair out of their eyes when they pull their bow or barette out and I just keep hoping they'll grow out quickly.

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