January 9, 2006

We're still Wiggling!

Michal and Kenna are still obsessed with the Wiggles. We recently went to Toys 'r Us -- a truly awful store but that's another story -- and I grabbed a Wiggles guitar off the shelf for Michal to play with in the store. Well, you would have thought I handed her the most amazing treasure ever! So we are now the proud owners of a really spiffy purple plastic guitar.

Now this isn't just any guitar. This is the amazing-incredible-yes-it-really-wiggles guitar. If you stand it in on its end, it rocks back and forth, turns in a circle and the neck wiggles -- all this while it plays Wiggles songs. And, if you lay it down, you can push buttons and make it play Wiggles sounds and songs. What could possibly be any better?

Kenna likes to sit on the floor in front of the guitar and "wiggle" with it. She puts her legs in a "v" in front of her and then rocks side to side in time with the guitar. It's pretty darn funny!

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