January 21, 2006

The Reluctant Snow Bunnies

It snowed all night last night and this morning we woke up to six inches of new snow. (So much for our snow-free January!)

It was clear and sunny and beautiful today so we decided to take the girls sledding. It was their first real "snow experience" (other than just looking at it while I point and say "snow" over and over.) I don't think they were too sure about any of it. They could hardly walk once we put on the snow suits and boots and I think they thought both Eric and I had lost our minds when we plunked them on a sled and drug them half way up the sledding hill and let them go. (OK, Eric actually did all the dragging but someone had to stand at the bottom and take pictures. And he did make sure to hold onto the rope to prevent any crazy careening out of control.)

Both Kenna and Michal looked really unsure the whole way down the hill -- each and every time -- and refused to even crack a smile until we were safely back in the car.

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