December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas!

Today we celebrated our first Christmas with the girls. They were so cute! One would rip just the corner of a present, then Eric or I would finish opening it and off they'd run with their new toy. It was super funny! I don't think they understood what they were doing -- or why they were suddenly being encouraged to rip things -- but they loved getting new toys.

They especially loved the Wiggles book they got from Uncle Brent and Aunt Emilee. The Wiggles book has a bunch of buttons you push to play different Wiggles's songs. The girls push the buttons and laugh and giggle and dance. It's hysterical. They were also thrilled with the little hand-held drums they got from my parents. They're like ones they got in China that have long since broken. They both have been walking around twirling them between their palms like old pros!

Santa brought them both baby dolls and shopping carts. I love the last photo below where Kenna is trying to hold her new baby's hand. I think it's so sweet!

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