December 18, 2005

His eyes, how they twinkled! His dimples, how merry!

This was definitely "Christmas Weekend."

First we took the girls to see Santa at a new toy store that just opened in our little downtown. I am convinced that this was THE real Santa. He looked like he'd just stepped out of a page of "'Twas the Night Before Christmas." He had a beautiful snow white beard, rosy cheeks and I swear his eyes twinkled. Best of all he was soft spoken and so sweet with the girls.

Then last night we went to a Christmas party at the Paynes -- our friends we traveled with in China. Michal spent most of the time sitting on the floor knocking down towers of blocks that two older kids were happily building for her. The Lahsins, who we also traveled with, were there as well and the photo below of the upside down baby is their daughter Julia and her big sister Kate.

It was really fun to see everyone and so nice that kids were included.

This morning we went to a Children's Christmas Brunch with our friends the Phalens. There the girls saw Santa again but this was "Scary Santa." He looked more like a someone dressed in a bad Halloween costume than someone trying to seriously play Santa. Kenna was terrified of him and I have to say I don't blame her! The brunch was really nice though and the girls did love the elf -- with genuine pointy ears -- making balloon animals.

The Phalens have two little boys, who both got balloon swords. Michal promptly stole Will's sword and ran happily through the room with it. Will in turn sweetly got back in line and had two pink ones made for the girls -- and then retrieved his green one from Michal, who you can tell, in the photo below, thought the pink one couldn't possibly be as good as the green one. So while all the other little girls were clutching candy cane balloons or flower balloons, my girls were proudly waving their balloon swords! Our nephews, who begged me to please not make Kenna and Michal "too girly," would be proud!

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