November 29, 2005

The sheep says, "baa baa." The bee says, "bzzzz." The cat says, "hi."

Lots of the girls' books have animals in them so it seems that Eric and I are forever making animal noises. A couple weeks ago, Eric was playing with a puzzle with Michal. He had a piece that was a cat and asked her, "What does the cat say?" To which she promptly answered, "hi, hi, hi," using her very best little mewing voice. Eric and I laughed and laughed and thought it was just a fluke that she said "hi" instead of "meow." Well, it wasn't. Our daughter really thinks that cats say hi. You can point to a cat and ask what it says and she'll say, "hi." You can just ask her without the picture and she'll say, "hi" or if she sees a cat, and you don't say a thing, she'll say, "hi." Now the even funnier part is that I asked her to say "hi" to her godmother on the phone and she wouldn't say a word. So I asked her to tell her what a cat says and she said, "hi" over and over and over.

The photo above was taken when the girls and I went Christmas shopping at an outdoor mall -- why do they build outdoor malls in Chicago? -- and it was a balmy 32 degrees outside! The girls are 23 months old today. Happy birthday baby girls!

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