November 2, 2005

Oh, the blue eye shadow!

This morning I took the girls to the zoo. The weather is absolutely beautiful right now and it was just nice to be outside. The girls loved playing with the leaves that had fallen from the trees -- go figure! At first one fell on the stroller and then I started picking them up from the ground and handing them to the girls. (Is it bad that I'm giving my children things off the ground to play with?) You just never know what's going to amuse a toddler.

Then this afternoon we went to see Grace, the little girl who lives across the street, at her sixth birthday party at Club Libby Lu. For those not familiar with Club Libby Lu, it's a store at the mall that sells lotions and potions -- all of which sparkle -- and does fancy hair dos for little girls. When you walk in the store it's looks like something pink, purple, feathery and sparkly exploded all over the place. Even the floor is glittery and sparkly hair spray fills the air. Michal and Kenna were in heaven! In no time at all Erin, Grace's big sister, had put blue eye shadow on them, a rhinestone star sticker beside their eye and somehow they ended up with glitter in their hair. (I swear the stuff is in the air!) The last photo below is of Kenna with her blue eyeshadow and rhinestone star -- and carrots around her mouth from dinner.

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