November 16, 2005

It's November 16th and it's snowing!

It's November 16th and it's been snowing all day long! It's only in the 20s and it's colder than it's been in eight months. We were just in the 60s a week ago. I don't that I'll ever get used to this Midwest weather that changes in the blink of an eye!

This morning I got out a basket of hats and mittens that I'd purchased last year when the Gap marked all the winter stuff down to $1.97. I wanted to see if any of it actually fit the girls. Michal thought one particular hat, and one mitten -- yep! just one -- were great. She wore them around the house most of the morning and even left them on to bake cookies with Grandma Marilyn! The irony is that the first time I try to put them on her to go outside, I'm sure she'll take them off.

Now when it came to playing in her tutu, Michal wanted nothing to do with it and actually looked a little scared of the wad of pink tulle I was trying to get her to step into. Kenna, on the other hand, wanted her tutu on and immediately started twirling in a circle once she had it on. She really looked like a little ballerina!

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