October 5, 2005

You push me and then I'll push you.

The girls have a push toy that is supposed to be a mailbox -- in my opinion you have to use your imagination a little to see that it's a mailbox, but I digress. The two doors on the front of the toy come off and Eric showed the girls that without the doors they could sit in it like a stroller.

They think it's just the best thing in the world! They're usually happy to take turns riding and pushing but every once in awhile they both back up to it at the same time and try to sit down. There is no way they'll both fit so they both just keep pushing as hard as they can to get more of their bottom in the seat. It looks like a bad game of musical chairs! Inevitably the toy ends up rolling backward and they both end up on the ground!

They also both like someone else to push them in it because "big people" push them much faster than they push each other . . . I'm just waiting for the toy to break all together!

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