October 15, 2005

Wisconsin . . . the Sixth State the Girls Have Visited

Today we went to a co-worker of Eric's lake house in Wisconsin, along with several other of his co-workers and their families. Maura and her husband Terry were incredibly gracious to let us all come up and enjoy a day at their home.

It was an absolutely perfect fall day and we all had a great time. I have to laugh at the things that just fascinated Michal and Kenna. They both loved the bumpy linoleum kitchen floor and going up and down a little step from the kitchen in to the next room. They played with the springs on the back door -- see the photo of Michal and her new friend Ryan below -- and were thrilled when they were lifted up to pull a string that rang a bell. They also thought running on the lawn and down the dock was just great. They both found the bocce balls on the grass and looked incredibly surprised when they picked them up and felt how heavy they were.

The girls missed their nap and were asleep in the car almost before we were out of the driveway. On the way home we stopped and bought cherry cider and a fresh-baked peach and nectarine pie. Amazing!

Anjani and Maura, our host, kayaking on the lake.

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