October 28, 2005

The Pumpkin Party

Right before we left for China I planted five pumpkin seeds. I thought it would be fun for the girls to see pumpkins growing and to pick them for Halloween. Well, those five seeds took off and the pumpkin vines grew over my flowers, onto the driveway, up a tree and into the next door neighbor's yard! They blossomed and then pumpkins started growing and growing and growing. Since we had an incredibly dry summer and we had to constantly water the pumpkins, I'm sure these are some of the most expensive pumpkins ever grown!

Yesterday we invited 15 kids over for a Pumpkin Picking Party. I actually had to supplement the pumpkin patch so I was sure the kids would all have a good selection of pumpkins to choose from but they'll never know! We played a game, a shameless knock off of a cake walk, to decide who got to go pick their pumpkin. I'd play music, the kids would walk in a circle, from numbered square to numbered square, and when the music stopped I'd call out a number and whoever was standing on that number would get to go and pick a pumpkin.

The kids all had a great time!

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