October 19, 2005

A New Addition to the List of Things I Can't Do Alone

I took the girls to the Arboretum today. They have a new children's garden that I thought they might like. I'm slowly learning though that the girls don't really care about where I take them as long as they can run around.

We got to the Arboretum and I plunked them in their stroller and we started walking through the really beautiful Arboretum grounds. For just a few minutes I was really enjoying the amazing fall colors. Then we got to the Children's Garden and I made the tactical error of letting the girls out of their stroller. (See first paragraph!) Kenna ran one way and Michal ran the exact opposite way. I had to decide who was in more danger of truly escaping and run and capture them first. People were staring at the uncaptured child while she ran away and I was yelling, "It's ok. She's mine and I'll grab her in a second." Needless to say, the girls were back in their stroller fairly quickly. You can see in the photo to the right just how excited they were about their predicament once I put them back in their stroller!

We tried to eat lunch there but it was incredibly crowded so I didn't get anything to eat and just fed the girls and then we left. And of course, they both fell asleep in the car!

I've now added the Arboretum to the "List of Things I Can Only Do With Eric." Oh well. I had a nice time anyway.

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