October 2, 2005

Happy Birthday, Pumpkins and Wagons.

We want to take this opportunity to wish Grandma Marilyn a very happy birthday! We also want to say happy birthday to Greer and Andy -- our nephews. Andy is sweet sixteen today and Greer just turned nine!

Oh, and happy birthday to Kenna and Michal too! They turned 21 months on Grandma's birthday.

Yesterday we took them to a pumpkin patch. They thought it was fun to run around and "pat" the pumpkins.

Today we walked downtown to Starbucks and to get lunch. We took the girls in the wagon and the highlight for them was looking through the drainage holes in the bottom of the wagon at the ground. Kenna also thought it was great to put her leg up and rest her heel in the cup holder. You just never know what's going to amuse a toddler!

The photo below of Michal with her hands in the air is her responding to, "How big is Michal?" "So big!"

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