September 10, 2005

Welcome to Chicago Uncle Paul!

Today Eric's older brother Paul came to visit for five days! He is the girls' godfather and we're thrilled to have him here.

Today was also our annual neighborhood block party. It started off with a parade down our street. I thought the parade started at 4:45 but it actually started at 3:45. One of our neighbors came to see where we were while all the kids were lined up and waiting. I was upstairs leisurely getting ready since I thought I still had an hour. Eric ran out the door with the girls while Paul grabbed the wagon -- how about those fancy tissue paper flowers! -- and got the girls to the start of the parade.

There was also a clown who made balloon animals and played games with the kids. I'm not sure the girls really understood much of what was going on but they loved all the activity and all the other kids running around.

The paper flower on top of Michal's head is courtesy of Uncle Paul. They both thought it was pretty darn funny!

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