September 30, 2005

This little girl can climb!

Kenna is now climbing on everything!

A couple days ago I was sitting at the computer with my back to both she and Michal. I could hear them playing just a few feet behind me so I wasn't concerned about what they were doing until Michal started screaming. I turned around and Kenna had pulled open the oven door and was standing on it like a surfboard and Michal was laying across the oven door yelling because Kenna wouldn't move over and let her stand up too. Oh my gosh!

Then, later the same day, Kenna found a way to climb up the outside of the stairs. The front of the stairs are blocked with a gate so she found the side of a step she could get to, where the banister curves around, and then climbed up holding onto the banister and clinging to the outside. She decided to perform this feat while I was upstairs getting Michal from her nap. Oh my gosh number two!

She is also climbing the outside stairs, the ladder that goes up to the clubhouse in her swing set and she even thinks it's fun to climb on and off the scale in the bathroom.

Kenna also loves to hold on your finger and twirl in a circle like a ballerina. She laughs and laughs until she gets so dizzy she falls over.

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