September 18, 2005

September 17 and 18

This morning we took the girls to the FCC Waiting Families meeting. The group is for those who are waiting to travel to China to adopt children. Every quarter or so they ask recently-home families to come and talk about their experience in China and this was our turn! The best part was seeing all the other little girls! This was our failed attempt at lining them up to take a picture.

This afternoon we took the girls to see Ralph's World and the Midnight Circus at the Morton Arboretum.

Ralph is the James Taylor of the toddler set and plays folksy, silly kid songs that I have to admit I actually enjoy. The concert was at an outdoor venue and I was surprised when we got near the Arboretum and were stuck in a huge line of traffic all waiting to get in. I guess I underestimated Ralph's popularity! We were really far back and couldn't actually see Ralph but it was a beautiful day out and we could hear the music.

We met our friends Dan and Dawn there. Their daughter Mikayla, in the blue dress below, was also born in China. She's five months younger than Michal and Kenna and is absolutely darling!

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