September 16, 2005

September 16

This morning the girls had a "gymnastics" class. It was really more of a bounce-hop-jump-on-all-the-cool-stuff class. They absolutely loved it. And thankfully the instructor was a huge help to me. They were both only-too-eager to go bounding off of anything that was in the gym and it was challenging to keep track of both of them.

The class was at the same place as "Tinker Toddler Time." So, you would think that the wait-in-the-lobby-until-the-instructor-gets-you policy would apply. Nope. You go straight to the gym. Just when I think I've got this all figured out, the rules change!

When we got home from the class I got a call from the Elmhurst Police Department . . . they found my camera! That's the good news. The bad news is that I already bought a new camera. Good old Murphy's Law.

This picture is in front of the Elmhurst Police Department when we went to pick up my camera.

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